Friday, October 19, 2012

Victory for Hindus Against Companies That Misuse Hinduism: Asia Home Gourmet apologizes for Misuse of Diwali

Namaste, Hari Om,

Thanks for reading, below is a brief case study of how a local Hindu person stood up to a multinational corporation which was representing Hinduism (Diwali) in the wrong way. Everyone owes it to themselves, their families, friends and ancestors to stand up for their religion/culture when it is being defaced, but standing up should always be in a respectful and peaceful/diplomatic manner.

This world needs brave people who are ethically conscious and care about the present and future generations perceptions of their culture/religion. Most of the misrepresentations of any culture usually takes place out of a lack of knowledge not so much from ‘’hatred’’ or disrespect.

For all of those young up and coming Hindus, use this as an example and inspiration for your beliefs. Please be diplomatic and peaceful when bringing truth to companies/organizations who misuse Hinduism. A sincere request goes a long way.

Also when your school discusses Hinduism and the books are wrong, correct the books and offer to present on Hinduism (together with an adult or Hindu mentor if needed).

Recently a local Hindu person walked into a grocery store in Germany and noticed an advertisement for Diwali from Asia Home Gourmet. It painted pictures of a dia/lamp and a lady holding it as she was in worship, performing a scared act of Aarti (offering light to God as a representation of thanks and love for all that is divine). The advertisement stated, ‘’Enjoy Authentic Asian Flavours this Diwali’’. Of course having meat below was a strong misrepresentation.

The whole picture had a good intention of being ''homely'' except for what was pictured on the bottom of the advertisement, products containing meat. The Hindu person petitioned on their Facebook page as well as emailed various Asia Home Gourmet subsidiaries around the globe. This petition was a formal and direct request to firstly, understand Hinduism and that Diwali represents purity and should not be associated with meat. Secondly, this was a formal request to stop using/representing Diwali in a way that mixes meat with worship. The local activist was inspired by an article ''Seer hits road to stop misuse of God figures'', which discusses a seer who wants to help others know how to respect and use God figures etc... concerned Hindu’s letter below:

After a span of 3 weeks and many emails as well as support from Hindus and sincere non Hindus on Facebook, Asia Home Gourmet provided apologies and understanding of their use. They also promised to never advertise Diwali with meat products as this sends a wrong message to those who do not know about Diwali. Asia Home Gourmet’s response:


Ending with:

Lessons Learned:
Hindus and those who want respect for all religions are thankful for Asia Home Gourmet’s response. They accepted the error, apologized and put a corrective plan moving forward. This peaceful request was met by a sincere care for their Hindu customers who acknowledged the misrepresentation of Diwali.

Be proud to be Hindu and what Hinduism stands for. The greatness of Hinduism is that the ideals can be adopted and used by anyone, its not bound to a race or location etc. Hinduism will always be here as the knowledge and scriptures come from the inner conscience of Rishis and great Sages.

Stand and be strong to corruption in Temples, communities and especially within your daily lives. Be ethical and truthful to yourself, to your fellow brothers and sisters of this world. If any other religion, faith or person faces unethical treatment, come to their aid.

Don’t be afraid, the greatest silent supporter will guide you with divine hands.

Jai Shri SitaRam