Sunday, December 5, 2010

The importance of looking within

Namaste, Hari Om,

What does it mean when we look within? Is it a physical view, cutting our self open and looking at our internal organs or performing an x-ray?

Physically looking within is not so, looking within is using our mind and breath. Our breath is used as the scalpel to open our inner selves and look within. Through breath we can control everything, vision, touch, hunger, pain and our minds. When the mind is in control through the power of breath then we can control our senses and look within with greater effect. With the breath in control, Our minds act as the x-ray to scan our body for relaxation and to dive within. The mind can be discussed in depth but we will save that for another day as its extremely indepth.

I have been blessed to attend a yoga class today where the teacher painted a picture of our being as compared to a bow and arrow.

With a bow and arrow, the harder you pull the arrow towards you, the further it goes and much powerful it will be.

Same for looking within, the more we look within (pulling the arrow back) the more peace and goodness we can project outward.

By projecting peace and goodness outward we can help others.

We create a pleasant surrounding that wards away negative energy.

How does one look within? Meditation works, for those beginning, guided meditation is the best way to go. This can help you by focusing on yourself while meditating. Also self reflection as the day ends can also help you look within, think about your day and how you impacted others. There are many ways to look within, but having the desire and time is important. Yoga can also help those trying to calm their minds and relax their tensions, yoga helps our outside body relax and get in tune with our minds, thus leading to better meditation sessions.

Good luck in your inward journey, may we all be a powerful arrow projecting peace and goodness to the world! Never forget, everything is within us, that same divine spark thats everywhere is also within us.

Jai Shri Krishna,