Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mudra's (hand gestures) and Meditation - Why is it important?

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What is a mudra? Mudra (moo-draa) are often seen as folks sit and meditate or while they are performing religious rights. It is a hand gesture that brings the hands or fingers together to combine elements for a desired feeling and or energy.

Before we talk about mudras and the importance, note that although this is derived from ancient scriptures of Hinduism it does not belong to Hinduism alone. It is for the world and for anyone to use regardless of who you are. It is something that goes beyond the label of religion, gender, race or even belief. Its universal.

As you can see from the above picture there are elements per finger:

Thumb -  Fire (Agni)
Index -    Air (Vayu)
Middle -  Space (Aakash)
Ring -      Earth (Prithvi)
Little -     Water (Jal)

When these elements come together it eases our body and minds to help us in our daily lives. Performing the physical act of the mudra is only one part of the process of creating energy and easing the mind. The mind and breathe must be aligned and ready to accept the effects of the Mudra.

A natural balance is desired when we are meditating, we must calm our bodies and minds when there is a fire or too much vayu, air. These mudras are truly free from negative elements, they are positive and can be practiced any time.

The link below provides great details on the mudras and their effects. One important note that the site makes is that mudras are linked to healing. Concentration and conjuring of the elements can help us greatly. A great deal of energy is stored in the finger tips that is why many east asians eat with their hands. Energy and the elements are further incorporated into their food prior to intake into their mouth.

Mudras enhance our meditation, it is great to practice daily along with your meditation, it helps your mind concentrate and builds your confidence. Find the mudra that works for you and your goals, the Ganesh Mudra which is easy to do will help with your opening of the heart chakra and meditating on Lord Ganesh.

Lastly there is a link below that describes mudras and the health benefits.

Further links read more into Mudras: 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Janmashtami 2012! Aug 9th in the Western world (US) and Aug 10th in the Eastern world (Europe/India)

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Wishing you and your families a happy Krishna Janmashtami.

For the western world it should approx begin at 430pm on Thursday Aug 9th 2012,  and for Europe and Asia it will be on Aug 10th 2012 since that region is about 6-12hrs ahead.

It is a great time to reflect on the love and stories of Lord Krishna, from reading the beloved Gita to the Mahabharat, there are endless ways to reflect.

Many families go to temple and come home in time to rock a baby Krishna in a small rocking-bed, some fast and perform puja in his name. And some sing bhajans to conjure the love that they have.

What ever you do, and how ever you do it, always keep the love alive and the feelings.

The birth of Lord Krishna can be found here,, a great article by Subhamoy Das.

Furthermore nice songs and mantras are also available throughout the internet.

The day after Krishna Janmashtami is called Dahi handi during Nanda Utsav. Its where people form human pyramids to get the Dahi out of the high hanging clay pot, just as Lord Krishna did as a young boy.

Enjoy with fun and love for all,

Jai Shri Krishna,