Monday, January 23, 2012

Poem: The Path of Solitude

Dedicated to those who live in the world of negative influence, pressure and corruption, to those who can be the light among the darkest souls, to those who keep faith until the eleventh hour, those struggling to overcome vices, and to those of all faiths who can rise above it all and smile.

The Path of Solitude 

"To many you walk,
A path called walk-less,
A path only you can unlock,

You see corruption,
Piercing influence from the blind,
Still the path you walked defects disruption, 

Many question why,
The walking dead only condemn, 
Countless souls pass away as a coward you as a hero will die,

What you can do few can,
You see the truth beyond the norm,
Like the big fish upon meeting a bigger fish they all ran,

Others are caught in the moment, 
Their light switch purposely switches on and off,
The will that carries you drives your never bending commitment, 

Their aura dwindles with a negative attitude,
You keep glowing as the sun even when eclipsed by others,
Only few knows the strength it takes to walk The Path of Solitude,

The Path of Solitude'' - SimpleHinduBhai