Sunday, November 27, 2011

Karma Management: By Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Shri Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Namaste, Hari Om,

The word Karma automatically sparks the thought, ''what goes around comes around'', but there is more to karma than that one thought.

If you have ever caught yourself saying the following statements, you need to read this article, ''my life is destined to be bad'', ''The pundit/priest said Saturn is in my realm and this is not good'', ''I cant control my karma or luck'', and ''I feel powerless in my life''.

Out of all the topics on the blog, this one is the most influential in our lives, its simplicity can answer many questions no matter who you are, where you are from, your background or even your species.

We meet many problems, hardships,  happy moments and prosperous times - yet we dont know why. We blame others for our faults, yet when we have something good we pin that honor to ourselves. In life, even to those who are walking the spiritual path, We always ask, ''where was God'', ''why would God allow this'', and ''Why do deserve these (good/bad) things?'' etc..

Thankfully this great article will help, written by his greatness, Shri Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, titled, ''Karma Management, A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Effectively Deal with Your Karma. Swami ji is the head of Hindu Press International, you can find the full article by clicking below (and Save to Download): .

Below we will observe parts of the article from Shri Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami Ji. We will start with the first part, Misconceptions. Note, these words are from his greatness, Shri Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami Ji. Any comments from our side will be noted with, ''[SimpleHinduBhai]''.

''1. You have no doubt heard the most common false concept about
karma on a number of occasions. It goes something like this: “Nothing
but bad things happen to me. It’s my karma, and even when
I strive to do better, my striving has no effect upon it. S o why should
I even try to make my life amount to anything? It’s truly hopeless.”
This misconception must be rejected for two important reasons.
The first is that you can actually change your karma through the
principles of effective karma management. The second is that how
you live in this life creates the karma you will face in your future lives.
So, why not consciously use the law of karma to create a future that is
filled with pleasant experiences rather than painful ones?''

[SimpleHinduBhai]: These words are golden, it is amazing that in life you will get the greatest advice from the shortest sentences. We should try to understand Karma so we can abide by the laws as we walk this plain. In our lives we should never feel like we are stuck or in quick sand. We can change the current state even in the eleventh hour when all hope is gone, there is hope.

''2. A second common false concept about karma, which you
have probably also heard, goes like this: “My life is in a state
of chaos. Everything is going wrong, and it all started three
months ago when Saturn entered Taurus and my karma changed. I
have been advised that if I can successfully appease Saturn through
having a priest do regular Sani puja, my problems will go away.
Therefore, that has become the entire focus of my religious life at
this time.” The fallacy of this attitude is that, yes, karmic difficulties
indicated by your astrology can be mitigated, but not simply
by paying a priest to do Sani puja. If that is all you are doing to
work with your situation, that’s not enough. In working through the
trying times of life, your primary powers are willpower, devotion
and understanding. Such karma can be mitigated through specific
actions performed by the individual, such as those outlined below,
but not merely by giving over such duties to others.
A second reason this misconception must be rejected is that it attributes
the cause of our problems to the planet Saturn rather than
to our own actions in the past. It is like pleading with the jailer to
release you from your cell simply because being incarcerated is
an unpleasant experience, having forgotten about the crime you
committed that put you in prison in the first place. Planets don’t determine
your karma, and neither do the actions of others. It is selfcreated,
and you are the source of it all—good, bad and mixed.''

[SimpleHinduBhai]: The last line is extremely important, we must take the time to understand how the energies of earth, sky and lokas (various plains) work with our chemical compositions.  Understanding our actions will impact our outlook in life.

Please take a look at the article, read a page a day, meditate and understand the words. Share it with a friend, or family member. The words are deep and insightful, this topic of Karma is very deep, but this article does a great job. We will dive into the 10 Correct Concepts in a future post.

Thanks Swami Ji,